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Headlong Hedonists

headlong hedonists


09 – 05 – 2018

Headlong is a dynamic theatre company that creates exhilarating new work for audiences across the UK. We have been working with them to develop an eye-catching and engaging piece of print to inform and attract potential high level donors to the Company. Support Headlong and become a Hedonist!

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Ruskin degree show inspiration

ruskin school of art (oxford) degree show


21 – 06 – 2015

Elleanor Pryer stole the show at the Ruskin degree show 2015 in Oxford. Her intricate graphic style with coloured accents worked beautifully in the space. Zoe Dunn also grabbed attention with her playful installation combining upturned serpent like ties with bold wallpaper floating off the walls. Well worth the trip for those near Oxford.

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signage development in the studio

perspectum diagnostics signage


18 – 03 – 2018

Perspectum Diagnostics is making fascinating advances in diagnostic medicine and we’ve been working with their CEO to create bold new signage for a major forthcoming conference that will set them apart from their competitors. Here we have livers, logos, lovely people and eggs! Contact us to discuss your design needs.

 perspectum diagnostics
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Illustrations in the studio

industrial vehicles


14 – 05 – 2018

We’ve been working on icons of some epic vehicles for a multinational manufacturing company planning a media visit to Europe. A grape harvester, fire engine, trucks and the beautiful Milan cathedral gives a clue to where they will be going.

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Inspiration for designers




01 – 05 – 2018

Children’s theatre at its best! Three talented artists brought every day objects to life using sound, puppetry and movement to create a magical world that captivated all. We loved the uninhibited responses of the children – a spit in the eye for any who say art is too “difficult” for children to enjoy. Patchwork is an immediate and  life enhancing joy.

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infecting the city


20 – 03 – 2018

A Cape Town based arts festival that surprises at every turn. A dance piece at the Golden Acre shopping centre transformed heaven into a rave, giant puppets took over the train concourse and a haunting installation of empty dresses reminded us of the problems still facing this beautiful country.

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Logo development in the Studio

loam & yarn


30 – 04 – 2018

We’re loving working with innovative new lifestyle brand loam & yarn on their new logo. The company create extraordinary living artworks that transform over time into stunning hanging gardens and beautiful hand made crocheted creations made exclusively of natural yarn.


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